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Garvey research (D950/1/9)

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Blennerhassett Blog
<li><A HREF="Blennerhassett/d950.html">Garvey research (D950/1/9)</A>
<li><a href="">D950 items in the tree</a>
Arthur Blennerhassett, of Fortfield
of <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
Arthur Blennerhassett of Loughgur
of <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
John Blennerhassett, "Black Jack"
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
Capt. Thomas Blennerhassett
See note  from  mar licence in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.24]</a>. <br>
 of  <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
See note   in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.29]</a>. 
See note   in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.28]</a>. <br>
Col. John Blennerhassett, MP
of <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
<a href="d950.html">Garvey research (D950/1/9)</a><br><font color=green><i>Blennerhassett/d950.html</i></font><p>
Garvey research (D950/1/9)
<title> Garvey research (D950/1/9) </title>
<H1> Garvey research (D950/1/9) </H1>
Images of D950/1/9 items are  used with  permission of  The Deputy Keeper of the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
<H1> Digitisation  of D950/1/9 </H1>
We present here an index of images  of D950/1/9,
showing the page numbers in D950/1/9 above.
<h1>    D950  </h1>
<li> D950  is mysterious. 
<li>   D950/1/9 is clearly about the ancestry of 
<li> The rest of D950 seems to have no connection to Garvey though.
 Hard to see why D950/1/9 (Blennerhassett) belongs with <i>any </i>  of   the other material in D950.
<li> D950.
for <B>D950*</B> 
 D950  badly needs a proper index. 
<li> D950/1. Note Books of Genealogical Searches.
<li> D950/2. 	Genealogical notes on various families.
<H2> D950/1 </H2>
D950/1 contents are as follows:
<li>	<B>D950/1/1. Index and Guide to Note Books.</B>
<li>	D950/1/2. Hovenden family.
<li>	D950/1/3. Mainly Hovenden.
<li>	D950/1/4. Mainly Hovenden.
<li>	D950/1/5. Hovenden.
<li>	D950/1/6. Hovenden.
<li>	D950/1/7. Hovenden.
<li>	D950/1/8. Hovenden. 
<li> <B>D950/1/9. Blennerhassett.</B>
<li> D950/1/10. Hovenden and others. 
<li> D950/1/11. Durant and Carey families.
<li> D950/1/12. O'Flaherty.
<li> D950/1/13. Mainly Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/14. Hovenden  and  Higginbottom.
<li> D950/1/15. Mainly Fanning.
<li> D950/1/16. Mainly Acheson and Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/17. Mainly Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/18. Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/19. Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/20. Various families. 
<li> D950/1/21.  Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/22. Mainly Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/23. Various families.
<li> D950/1/24. Various families.
<li> D950/1/25. Mainly Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/26. Various families.
<li> D950/1/27. Mainly Hovenden and Sheridan.
<li> D950/1/28. Various families.
<li> D950/1/29. Miscellaneous items. 
<li> D950/1/30. List of 1649 Officers.  
<li> D950/1/31. Hovenden and Sheridan families.
<li> D950/1/32. Various families.
<li> D950/1/33. Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/34. Burdett family.
<li> D950/1/35. Pages 5-8. Abstracts from "Irish Wills", vols. 1-5 edited by Miss G. Thrift.
<li> D950/1/36. Various families.
<li> D950/1/37. Notes on land case of Hovenden verses Annesley.
<li> D950/1/38. Various families.
<li> D950/1/39. Ffolliott and Goodwin and  Higgenbottom families.
<li> D950/1/40. List of Justices of the Peace 1905.
<li> D950/1/41. Newspaper cuttings of wills.
<li> D950/1/42. Warner and Higgenbottom families.
<li> D950/1/43. Mainly Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/44. Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/45. Various families.
<li> D950/1/46. Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/47. Higgenbottom and Goodwin families.
<li> D950/1/48. Mainly Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/49. Mainly Goodwin.
<li> D950/1/50. Various families.
<li> D950/1/51. Various families.
<li> D950/1/52. Mainly Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/53.  Sheridan and Warner.
<li> D950/1/54. Mainly Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/55. Mainly Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/56. Castledermot Parish Register. Atkins family. 
<li> D950/1/57. Mainly Warner and Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/58. Castledermot Parish Register. 
<li> D950/1/59. Taylor family.
<li> D950/1/60. Various families.
<li> D950/1/61. Various families.
<li> D950/1/62. Mainly Burdett.
<li> D950/1/63. Various families.
<li> D950/1/64. Various families.
<li> D950/1/65. Mainly Russell.
<li> D950/1/66. Higgenbottom.
<li> D950/1/67. Sheridan and Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/68. Miscellaneous items.
<li> D950/1/69. Miscellaneous BMD.
<li> D950/1/70. Miscellaneous items.
<li> D950/1/71. Mainly Geale family.
<li> D950/1/72. Castledermot Parish Register.
<li> D950/1/73. Castledermot Parish Register.
<li> D950/1/74. Disney family.
<li> D950/1/75. Sheridan  family.
<li> D950/1/76. Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/77. Miscellaneous items.
<li> D950/1/78. Miscellaneous items.
<li> D950/1/79. Parish Registers.
<li> D950/1/80. Mainly White and Emmet families.
<li> D950/1/81. Mainly Fanning.
<li> D950/1/82. Various families.
<li> D950/1/83. Mainly Gardner and Fanning.
<li> D950/1/84. Aylmer family.
<li> D950/1/85. Various families.
<li> D950/1/86. Various families.
<li> D950/1/87. Parish register.
<li> D950/1/88. Hovenden and Sheridan.
<li> D950/1/89. Various families.
<li> D950/1/90. Mainly Fanning.
<li> D950/1/91. Parish Register of Ferns.
<li> D950/1/92. Lennox.
<li> D950/1/93. Various families.
<li> D950/1/94. Various families.
<li> D950/1/95. Various families.
<li> D950/1/96. Various families.
<li> D950/1/97. Various families.
<li> D950/1/98. Various families.
<li> D950/1/99. Various families.
<li> D950/1/100. Various families.
<li> D950/1/101. Various families.
<li> D950/1/102. Various families.
<li> D950/1/103. Various families.
<li> D950/1/104. Various families.
<li> D950/1/105. Mainly Sheridan.
<li> D950/1/106. Mainly Sheridan.
<li> D950/1/107. Various families.
<li> D950/1/108. Various families.
<li> D950/1/109. Various families.
<li> D950/1/110. Various families.
<li> D950/1/111. Mainly Burdett.
<li> D950/1/112. Various families.
<li> D950/1/113. Various families.
<li> D950/1/114. Various families.
<li> D950/1/115. Various families.
<li> D950/1/116. Various families.
<li> D950/1/117. Various families.
<li> D950/1/118. Various families.
<li> D950/1/119. Various families.
<li> D950/1/120. Various families.
<li> D950/1/121. Various families.
<li> D950/1/122. Various families.
<li> D950/1/123. Various families.
<li> D950/1/124. Various families.
<li> D950/1/125.   Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/126.   Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/127. Various families.
<li> D950/1/128. Various families.
<li> D950/1/129. Various families.
<li> D950/1/130. Various families.
<li> D950/1/131. Various families.
<li> D950/1/132. Various families.
<li> D950/1/133. Various families.
<li> D950/1/134.   Newspaper BMD.
<li> D950/1/135.   	Inscriptions from various Cemeteries.
<li> D950/1/136.   Parish Registers.
<li> D950/1/137.   Mainly Caldwell family.
<li> D950/1/138. Hovenden, Churchill and Bond families.
<li> D950/1/139.   Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings.
<li> D950/1/140.   Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/141.   Newspaper cuttings.
<li> D950/1/142. Newspaper cuttings.
<li> D950/1/143.   Miscellaneous items.
<li> D950/1/144.   	Letter Book of T. Stanley Torney.
<li> D950/1/145.   Mainly Hovenden.
<li> D950/1/146.    <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/147.   <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/148. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/149. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/150. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/151. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/152. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/153. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/154. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/155. <i>(Not genealogical items.)</i>
<li> D950/1/156.  Sheridan family.
<H2> D950/2 </H2>
D950/2 contents are as follows:
<li> D950/2/1. Miscellaneous. 
<li> D950/2/2. 	Irish Court papers relating to Mr. Torney.
<li> D950/2/3. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/4. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/5. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/6. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/7. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/8. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/9.  Castledermot   Parish Registers.
<li> D950/2/10. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/11. Hovenden family.
<li> D950/2/12. Miscellaneous.
<li> D950/2/13. Estate of John Mathew Stothard.
<li> D950/2/14. Carey family.
<li> D950/2/15. Torrens family.
<li> D950/2/16. Wilson family.
<li> D950/2/17. Various families.
<li> D950/2/18. Mainly Higginbottom.
<li> D950/2/19. Payne family.
<li> D950/2/20. Various families.
<li> D950/2/21. Various families.
<li> D950/2/22.   Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/23. Various families.
<li> D950/2/24.   Torney family.
<li> D950/2/25.   Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/26.   Ferns Parish Registers.
<li> D950/2/27.   Miscellaneous.
<li> D950/2/28.   Miscellaneous.
<li> D950/2/29.   Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/30. Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/31. Miscellaneous.
<li> D950/2/32. Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/33. Mainly Torney.
<li> D950/2/34. Various families.
<li> D950/2/35. Newspaper BMD.
<li> D950/2/36. Miscellaneous.
<li> D950/2/37. Hovenden and Sheridan.
<li> D950/2/38. Miscellaneous.
<li> D950/2/39. Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/40. Hovenden.
<li> D950/2/41. Hovenden and  Torney.
<b> Blennerhassett related   material</b>      by the  author of D950/1/9?
<li> D950/1  is in confusing  order:
<li>  D950/1/8 is notebook no. 13.
<li>  D950/1/9 (Blennerhassett)  is notebook no. 15.
<li>  D950/1/10 is notebook no. 19.
<li> To do: Look at the index in D950/1/1 and see what it says about notebook 15. 
<li> D950/1/1 says Blennerhassett is in book 43.
Edward Blennerhassett, of Rossbeigh
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
Capt. Edward Fuller
See note  from  mar licence in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.24]</a>. <br>
 <a href="d950.html"><b>D950/1/9</b></a>.
 <a href="d950.html"><b>D950/1/9</b></a>.
Goddard Blennerhassett
  See note   in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.32]</a>. 
Blennerhassett of Co.Kerry
<li><A HREF="d950.html"><B> Garvey research (D950/1/9)</B></A>
John Blennerhassett of Ballycarty
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
 From <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.70]</a>.<BR>
John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
John Blennerhassett, "The Evergreen"
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
of  <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
John Blennerhassett
  <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
Miscellaneous Blennerhassetts
<A HREF="d950.html">Garvey papers (D950/1/9)</A>.
<A HREF="d950.html">Garvey papers (D950/1/9)</A>.
Rev. John Blennerhassett
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
Richard Francis Blennerhassett
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
 From <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.20]</a>.<BR>
Robert Arthur Blennerhassett
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
 From <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.19]</a>.<BR>
Robert Blennerhassett, of Annaghgarry, Co.Kerry
according to <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. <br>
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
 From <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, pp.8-9]</a>.<BR>
Rowland Blennerhassett, of Kells
of  <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
Samuel Blennerhassett
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
See note    in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.24]</a>. <br>
See note    in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.25]</a>. 
Thomas Blennerhassett, of Littur
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
Thomas Blennerhassett, of Tralee
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
William Blennerhassett, of Blennerville
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
William Blennerhassett, of Elmgrove
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
<a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>.
See note    in <a href="d950.html">[D950/1/9, p.25]</a>. 
Sir Arthur Denny
<a href="../Blennerhassett/d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
Rev. John Eveleigh
<a href="../Blennerhassett/d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
Sheehan of Maulykeavane, Co.Kerry
  <LI> Daniel Sheehan, bapt <A HREF="">1867</A>,
Orpen of Co.Kerry
<a href="../Blennerhassett/d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
Rowan of Co.Kerry
<a href="../Blennerhassett/d950.html">[D950/1/9]</a>. 
Things to do - Blennerhassett problem
<A HREF="Blennerhassett/d950.html"> Garvey research  </A> again.
 Search for any more material by author of D950/1/9 (Blennerhassett).